The Holy Spirit isn’t a bureaucrat

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The Holy Spirit isn’t a bureaucrat.

That may be the strangest statement you’ve ever read, but think for a moment about how we expect God to operate. How often have we heard It’s not fair? Even when we know better, don’t we think some folks–mass murderers, terrorists, child molesters–are just plain worse sinners than others?

Don’t we make rules? This is how you get baptized. This is how you become a member. These are the qualifications to be a preacher. You need to do ___ before you can do ___.

That’s bureaucracy. Not saying it’s bad, just calling it what it is. And saying the Holy Spirit sometimes steps outside our lines.

Saul was a terrorist, a mass murderer, the worst of the worst when it came to persecuting the early church. We would expect God to strike down this terrible enemy.

Instead, He chooses this Saul, this terrorist, to become His chosen Apostle to the gentiles. Saul becomes Paul, plants churches all over the known world, and writes nearly half of the New Testament.

It makes no sense, if you’re a bureaucrat. The Holy Spirit isn’t a bureaucrat.

The Holy Spirit sees each heart as an individual, special person formed in God’s image. He sees each of us for what we can become, not for what we’ve been or what we’ve done.

Bureaucrats categorize people based on external factors. Next time I’m tempted to do that I hope I’ll remember that God’s Kingdom isn’t a bureaucracy. God makes plans that don’t make sense.

God’s Spirit calls each of us to something special based on potential, not past. Might be a good week to listen and start moving.

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