Our small group brings us today’s word-of-the-week…


“Do you really believe that? Really?”

In Acts 3, Peter tells a 40-year old man who’s been crippled since birth to walk in the name of Jesus. He takes the man’s hand and, just like that, the guy walks, leaps, and dances.

Our small group discussed this miracle. Peter stepped forward courageously, empowered by the Holy Spirit. We had a great conversation. Then I thought I’d up the ante a bit.

“I’ve been in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury for 28 years. Who here believes that God could heal me–right here, right now–and I could stand, walk, leap, and dance?”

A couple of hands shot up immediately, then others followed. And then we talked, about the medical realities, the science, what we know. And we asked ourselves Do we really believe this could happen, right here in front of us? Really?

We believe what’s impossible, what can’t happen. That’s why it’s called faith. And still we say, “I believe, but…”

Do we really believe what we believe?

It’s Monday. And it’s okay to doubt. Really.

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