Jesus Conservative? Really??

A surprising statement leads me to today’s word-of-the-week…


“I always thought Jesus was really conservative.”


“Yeah. Not politically, but just, you know, quiet and sort of down-the-middle.”

“Interesting. Where’d you get that idea?”

“I guess from church. That’s pretty much how church was when I was a kid, so I just figured that’s how Jesus was.”

“And now? What do you think now?”

“Well, it seems like everything He did pretty much broke the accepted rules and made the guys in charge mad. So I guess He was really a rebel.”

I chuckled, because I grew up with the same notion of a middle-of-the-road Jesus. But I wanted to make sure my friend understood the nature of Jesus’ rebellion. He didn’t overthrow a human government or propose a system of rules.

Jesus set people free. He loved them and asked us to do the same.

It’s really not that complicated, but it’s very difficult and occasionally dangerous. In a world that rewards power and control, Jesus proposed a Kingdom based on love. It’s a radical, rebellious notion that got Him, and a lot of His followers, killed.

Maybe that’s why we tend to paint Jesus in a more conservative light.

Following Jesus isn’t about choosing safe.

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