Will You March on?

After a nine-day trip to Las Vegas, I returned home exhausted. Have you ever felt that way after a business trip or a vacation?

I didn’t go there for a vacation. I went for three conferences on speaking, leadership, and business that were scheduled back to back.

Since those conferences occurred only that one time, I took advantage of my frequent flyer miles. I attended all three with gratitude that I wouldn’t need to make three separate trips.

A friend told me our third day there, “We’ve walked 59,000 steps today, and we haven’t left the hotel to go to dinner yet.”

At that moment, I wanted to skip dinner. How would you have reacted? My legs and feet felt as if I had walked 159,000 steps that day instead of 59,000. That night I propped my feet and went to bed early only to get up the next day and repeat the marathon.

The last day of the final conference I told my roommate to nudge me if I dozed. She did more than once. I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

In my defense, I must add that she was there only for the third conference.

I reminded myself of the wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best in speaking, leadership, and business and to meet countless people with the same goals.

Judges 5:21: “March on, my soul; be strong!”

Dear God, help me march on and be strong. Amen.

Application: What will you do this week to march on and be strong?

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