What Are You Doing Here?

Have you ever felt led to change jobs or a career path? If you have, I understand. I have too.

After a successful teaching career, I sensed a divine leading to become a counselor. I was happy and settled as a teacher, but cancer led me to follow that leading. Does it take a major crisis for you to follow that call?

Within a short time, I was as happy and settled as a substance abuse counselor as I had been as a teacher. Years later, after the loss of my only child, it was time for reflection again.

I had dreamed of becoming a professional speaker and a freelance writer. After retirement I would do that. I wanted my perfect time and circumstances.

My son often said he would buy me a house and travel wherever he wanted after his retirement. He didn’t get to retire. What guarantee did I have? What guarantee do you have?

Thoughts of Elijah came to mind. God called him to serve the Israelites. When Queen Jezebel threatened to kill him, he ran and hid in a cave. Would I hide in the security of my job or step out in faith to follow the dream God gave me?

1 Kings 19:9: “He went into a cave and spent the night. And the word of the LORD came to him: ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?’”

Dear God, help me be where you want me. Amen.

Application: What will you do this week to follow God’s leading?

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