Prevent the Valentine’s Day Blues

At one time I dreaded Valentine’s Day. You may feel the same way right now.

Perhaps you’re married to someone who doesn’t remember special days like your wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Have you taped reminders to the dashboard of his car?

Have you called him at work, sent him an email or a text to remind him? If you fix breakfast for him or pack his lunch for work, have you put a sticky note with a reminder on his napkin? At dinner, place a reminder near his plate.

Maybe you’re legally separated, divorced, or a widow. You still have options. I’ve learned from mentors that I can buy my own flowers and candy. That way I select the kind of flowers and dark chocolate I prefer.

Go ahead and buy your own flowers and candy. You’re worth the time and money.

My mentors also taught me to invite friends to breakfast or lunch that day. I can pick our favorite restaurant and enjoy my friends and the meal.

If I’m busy that day and would prefer dinner from a restaurant, I can call ahead of time and have a take-out order ready to pick up. Once I’m home, I can set the table with my best china, silver, and crystal.

Decide whether breakfast or lunch at a restaurant or a take-out dinner works better for you. Then move forward with your plans. Maybe you’d like to do both a meal at a restaurant earlier in the day and a take-out dinner. Why not?

I’ve scheduled a massage or bought a new outfit on sale on Valentine’s Day.

Several times in the past I invited girlfriends to my home for a potluck dinner or we chipped in for pizza and watched a movie.

Make a list of friends you can invite and send them an email, a text or call them.

If you have young children living at home, consider a single parents’ night in your home. If you live in a townhouse or a small home, invite only one or two single parents and their children to your home.

You can play games or watch a kid-friendly movie.

In short, regardless of your marital status, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Here’s to your Happy Valentine’s Day.

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