A Lesson Learned from Actors

Life is determined by what we rehearse.

An actor reads the lines once and they’re words on a page. Great actors rehearse until they become the character represented by the words.

One person looks at a long bike ride and says, “I could never do that.” He practices that speech enough times until it becomes part of his identity. He’s the person who could never do a long bike ride. Doesn’t matter if he really could, or even if he wants to. He’s rehearsed himself into being the guy who knows he can’t do it.

Another says, “I wonder if I could do that.” The wonder leads to questions and choices. Whatever the decision, this is the person who decided about the ride.

See the difference? One rehearses I can’t; the other I wonder if I could.

I think we rehearse all sorts of things, but today I’m focused on fear and courage.

I’m afraid confronts the fear, names it, allows me to lean on Jesus and move forward. I’m afraid is an act of courage, a way of not allowing fear to control me.

Rehearsing the fear is different. Rehearsing makes fear part of me and gives me an excuse to avoid moving forward.

One incidence of courage…nice. Repeat it a few dozen times, and courage becomes a way of life.

I find some aspects of life terribly frightening. I really don’t want to rehearse those fears, and I’m grateful I don’t have to get there on my own.

How about you?

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