Religion stifles imagination?

I surprised someone in a conversation about today’s word-of-the-week…


A lady said religion stifles imagination.

I agreed, which surprised her. “But,” I continued, “religion isn’t necessarily the same thing as following Jesus.”

We had a cool, though brief, discussion about human-created religion with its often burdensome rules and constraints. She didn’t know anything else existed, so I explained that Jesus essentially spent three years poking at established religion. I encouraged her not to confuse Jesus with His followers.

I proposed that there is nothing stifling about Jesus.

J.R.R Tolken… Lord Of The Rings. C.S. Lewis… Chronicles of Narnia. Are those enough imagination?

To me, God is infinitely creative and we’re made in His image. How can imagination NOT be integral to who we are?

I suspect my friend was telling me that the “religious folks” she knows don’t show a lot of imagination. So perhaps she just hangs out with the wrong crowd.

Or… maybe we’ve allowed ourselves to become a little too predictable, a little too safe.

Where can you and I demonstrate this week that Jesus was anything but safe and predictable?

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