When Christmas Is Hard

Have you lost a loved one or been through a divorce? Have you faced a major move or the loss of a job? Have you received a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness or made a significant change in your lifestyle?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any one of these questions, Christmas may be a struggle for you. It may not be a warm “fuzzy” time of Christmas cookies, carols, and cards.

You may not feel like eating Christmas cookies or singing Christmas carols. You may not want to send Christmas cards or enjoy reading the ones that you receive. You may not want to be caught up in the social whirlwind of plans, parties and programs.

Please don’t force yourself or fake feelings you don’t have. Please be gentle and patient with yourself. Give yourself permission to rest, to write in your journal, and to seek peace and quiet.

You may need more time in prayer, Bible study, meditation, and praise and worship. That’s okay.

Soft relaxing piano, harp, or guitar music may soothe you. Listen to it and take care of yourself.

Psalm 85:8: “I will listen to what God the Lord says;?he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants.”

Dear God, I’m lonely and tired. Please help me. Amen.

Application: What will you do this week to experience God’s peace?


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