A Different Start to the Christmas Season

“It’s a different start to the Christmas season,” I told Darlene. “I’ve stayed off my feet the last five days the way the doctor told me and iced my knee three or four times a day to no avail.”

Darlene nodded and suggested I read a good book and journal. I laughed. I’d already done that.

After she left, I looked at the whirlwind of Christmas activities on my calendar for the next two weeks. It didn’t look like I would attend them.

I sat in the sunroom and pulled out my Bible. I took up where I left off the day before and read three chapters in Exodus. A relationship between those chapters and my book in progress formed in my mind. I took notes and smiled.

Next I reviewed a section of a Bible study from last summer. Another creative cascade came with more ideas for my manuscript. I giggled with glee.

I called Darlene and said, “It’s okay to have a different start to the Christmas season. Christmas isn’t about parties, luncheons, and gifts anyway. It’s about celebrating the birthday of King Jesus.”

We both laughed, and Denise said, “With all those ideas, you better get to work on your manuscript.”

Perhaps you’ve started the Christmas season in a different way too. Maybe you’re fine, but you have a sick child or spouse. Perhaps unexpected home repairs or a job loss have interrupted your plans.

I don’t know how God will work in your life, but he is in the miracle business. He can help you move from broken to beautiful too.

Let me know what God does in your life, and I’ll let you know when I finish my new book.

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