Is it well with your soul?

A thirty year flashback prompts today’s word-of-the-week…


It is well with my soul!

More than thirty years ago I made “public profession of faith,” one denomination’s way of marking adult commitment to Jesus. I was asked to choose a song, and I selected Horatio Spafford’s When Peace Like A River.

I chose that song for one particular line: It is well with my soul!

Three decades ago I thought I had it all figured out, me and Jesus and this commitment I was making. Turns out I really had no clue, that I was only giving what little of me I understood to what little of Jesus I understood (thanks, Dick Foth). Turns out that’s all any of us can do.

But despite all that, it was well with my soul, and it has been for all these years, even when many other parts of life have been pretty messed up. That’s about Jesus, not me.

Horatio Spafford wrote his famous hymn when his life was ripped to shreds. His daughters had died, his finances were in ruins, and as he crossed an ocean in isolation he could still say It is well with my soul!

That’s why Jesus came. It wasn’t about our politics, our sports teams, or any of the big, important things that occupy our time and energy.

Jesus came so it could be well with our souls.

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