Where Will You Go for Help?

My late son’s birthday is this week. He enjoyed Chinese food, and I usually eat it at his favorite restaurant on his birthday. A social event postponed that tradition, but it hasn’t cancelled it.

The past week I spoke in Pennsylvania. I stayed with a widow, and we exchanged memories of our loved ones. We even laughed.

For example, I told her about my climb up a water slide because I didn’t want my four-year-old son to suspect my fear of the water. When I hesitated at the top of the slide, he pushed me down. The lifeguard blew the whistle on him and warned him if he did that again, he would have to leave the pool. I was safe, and that lifeguard became my friend.

The widow shared how her husband bought her a gift certificate for a day at the spa of a luxurious hotel every year. She still hadn’t used the last gift certificate he gave her six years ago before his death. They had always gone together. I suggested she invite her daughter to go with her, as I invite a friend to go with me to the Chinese restaurant.

As we talked, I realized we had walked the healing journey the past six years. Tears will come at unexpected moments, but we could focus on the good times.

God makes the journey through grief possible. Will you give him your struggles, heartaches, and losses?

For you, LORD, have delivered me from death,
my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. Psalm 116:8

Dear God, help me through death, tears and stumbling. Amen.


Application: What will you do this week to allow God to deliver you?


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