The Truth About Truth

What’s truth? Can we know it? Is there more than one version?
Heady questions, for sure.

The sort of truth I’m talking about is eternal. It connects generations because it gives us a place to link current ideas and trends with those from previous eras.

I’m pretty sure truth can’t be expressed in words. Jesus came as a person and said He was the truth. I think we have to experience truth, live with it, travel with it in relationship if we want to understand it. That’s why Jesus rebuffed demands for a list of rules or a code that would tell people how to follow Him.

Truth, I think, always includes an element of mystery and wonder. Eternity is a very big place, and we’re always going to come up short when we try to wrap our finite minds around an eternal truth. It’s okay. Just because I don’t know everything doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. Rather than whittling away at the mystery until I narrow it to something I can grasp, I want to be content to stand in awe of what I can’t comprehend.

Finally, I personally feel no need to defend or justify truth. Others may differ, but I’m convinced I’ll never change someone’s mind with my words. I’ll be available and I’ll always offer my perception of truth, but my job is to demonstrate grace as freely as possible and trust God to open doors.

I have good friends who are certain there’s no such thing as absolute truth. We’ve had interesting conversations and I understand their premises. They smile when I say:


I’m grateful for the hope of a future based on the foundation of truth.

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