Do You Try to Appease God?

A word I never use is today’s word-of-the-week…


I heard the word in a sermon, but I’m far too familiar with the concept of trying to appease God.

When you lay it out, it sounds silly. Appeasement means paying God off. If I give God something that pleases Him, He’ll give me something I want in return.

Of course I would first need to have something God wants, and the ability to keep it from Him. The more you pursue the idea the crazier it becomes, and yet…

Of course I know I can’t bargain with God and I’m not blessed for being good. Of course poverty isn’t a curse for bad behavior and wealth isn’t a reward for good behavior. Of course I know my health isn’t contingent on being a “good Christian.”

I know all that stuff, but when things get scary it’s awfully tempting to bargain, just this once. It’s hard to trust, especially when so much of the culture, even so-called Christian media, talks about a health-and-wealth gospel. When you’re scared, that message gets tempting.

It’s okay. Jesus was tempted, too. He saw the appeal of the shortcut, but He knew it wouldn’t work.

So He trusted, and He invites us to trust in a relationship based on grace.

We can stop trying to pay God off.

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