Fitting In

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I heard recently that a big problem with churches is that people don’t feel like they fit in.

I suppose we’re supposed to conclude that churches need to morph and change to conform to the times. Do you agree?

More and more I have this sense that all of the bells and whistles we’ve added to attract folks, to help them fit in, really end up moving us a bit away from center. And we lose a little focus, and we’re not sure why, and we think maybe it’s a problem with the bells and whistles.

I wonder. I wonder if fitting in really isn’t the problem. I wonder if Jesus’ message is enough. I wonder if it’s not so much about making sure people fit in, but about letting them know who He is.

I like great worship music and powerful preaching and cool youth pastors. I’m sure that stuff helps.

Jesus attracted crowds with a message of love, grace, forgiveness, and hope. His followers built a church based on community and service.

Perhaps that’s what people are seeking. Perhaps they’re not looking for something new and hip, the latest thing that’ll feel relevant.

Perhaps what they’re seeking is the stuff at the center. Maybe that’s what’s most relevant.

Maybe the basic message of Jesus would help people fit in.

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