How Do You Handle Illness?

I don’t like to sneeze and cough constantly, and I don’t like to blow my nose over and over. You probably don’t either.

If you’re like me and have allergies, you don’t welcome spring. The thought of pollen in the air and my car covered with yellow pollen makes me want to stay inside or move to Florida. How about you?

Most of the medicines used for allergies have side effects that leave me sicker than the pollen does. So I can’t take them. I tried Tessalon on Friday and Saturday I had glassy eyes and felt hung over.

This past week I realized anger against God had crept in. Why did he allow me to have allergies and get sick from the pollen? Do you ever feel that way? Maybe you don’t have allergies, but you have cancer or diabetes. Perhaps you suffer from migraine headaches or some other illness. How do you handle it?

When the anger crept in, my joy slipped away. I no longer smiled and laughed. Little things irritated me. What happens when anger enters your life?

I realized I had a choice. I could continue to feel anger and self-pity or I could confess my sin and ask God to restore the joy of his salvation. I chose the latter.

Although the physical symptoms remain, God has restored the joy of his salvation. I can smile and laugh again. I look forward to heaven where sickness will no longer exist.

Psalm 51:12: Restore to me the joy of your salvation.

Dear God, I don’t like to be sick. Please help me get through this illness. Amen.

Application: What day this week will you confess your anger or pity party to God?

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