“My” vs. Service

A personal discomfort leads to today’s word-of-the-week…


MondayI’ve become sensitive to, and uncomfortable with, the ways I use the word “my.”

My rights. My freedom. My ministry. My team. My turf.

As a follower of Jesus, none of those are mine. Yet I often claim them in subtle and not-so-subtle ways as some sort of badge of honor.

Demanding my rights. Defending my freedom. Growing my ministry. Protecting my turf.


All the words about “service” and “holding in open hands” lose their meaning when I think in terms of ownership. Talking about it, while I cling tightly, makes me feel like those religious leaders in Jesus’ day. Blind guides. Whitewashed tombs.

It’s not my book, my story or blog or bike ride or whatever. I want to be aware, not in a false humility way but in a real way that lets others know I don’t believe I own this stuff. At some point our words betray what’s in our hearts.

Please don’t interpret this as judgement of anyone else–too many logs in my own eyes to worry about others’ specks. This is one guy sharing his weakness, hoping you might benefit.

Your thoughts?

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