How Do You Use Your Freedom?

Something I saw (and can’t remember where) prompts today’s word-of-the-week…


I’m grateful for freedom. I’ll bet you are as well.

As a wheelchair user, I might be more aware of day-to-day freedom than a lot of you. I know first-hand what it’s like to not be able to go where I want (can’t use that door), to be confined (can’t use my own basement), to have my options limited (only certain tables or rooms). I know what it’s like to have others make choices for you.

I can’t express how much it means when someone goes out of their way to serve, to grant me a small bit of freedom when they didn’t need to. It’s an act of service, putting my well-being ahead of their convenience, comfort, or rights.

Freedom’s a precious commodity. We ought never to take it for granted.

The Good Samaritan had every right, and every reason, to pass by. He chose to forego his rights, set aside his convictions (Samaritans absolutely hated Jews), and serve the man before him. Instead of seeing a _____ (you fill the blank) he saw a person in the image of God.

When I show up, I’m frequently inconvenient. And yes, I know there’s a law that says they have to let me in. But the law doesn’t say they have to like it, and some folks make it clear they’d rather not have me around. I get in the way, slow things down, make other customers uncomfortable.

I’m grateful for those who open their hearts, who view their freedom as an opportunity to serve rather then an opportunity to exclude.

I think that’s what Jesus had in mind. Follow me and be free…to serve, to welcome, to love. Even those who make you uncomfortable. Even those who get in the way. Even those you don’t like or approve of.

Even old, bald guys in wheelchairs.

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