Fact or Opinion?

A philosophy question prompts today’s word-of-the-week…


I always told my students it was wrong to cheat on a test.

More than just against the rules, cheating was intrinsically, morally wrong in all circumstances. In 35 years I don’t think anyone ever questioned that assertion. I guess I assumed it was a fact, a moral truth.

Recently I saw these two definitions:

Fact: Something that is true and can be tested or proven.

Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes.

So is my statement about cheating a fact or simply a shared opinion? Can I test or prove that cheating is morally wrong?

I say Yes. I say moral truths exist, and I rely on Jesus as my expert witness.

For those who claim faith in the bible is a matter of opinion, I say:

The truth is true, even if you don’t believe it.

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