A Sense of Brotherhood in Recovery

A friend’s graduation inspired today’s word-of-the-week…


My friend Melvin completed a year-long rehab program.

At his graduation the other guys spoke about Melvin’s time with them. I was struck by how often they used the word “we.”

These men arrived from big cities and small towns. Most had tough roads marked by a good deal of adversity, some self-inflicted and much not. Along the way they learned not to trust or even to let others get close.

And at this place, through months of hard work and tears, they discovered a sense of community and brotherhood. A bunch of guys who didn’t trust anyone learned to trust each other and discovered the incredible power of we.

A year ago Melvin was another addict. These guys wouldn’t have turned their heads to give him a second look.

Now–he’s a part of we, and the conversation was about how we can support him and make sure he succeeds.

We is the way we’re wired, the way God created us in His image. We is how we share hope.

We is how we love.

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