Who will define your life experiences today?

Who will define your life experiences today? Jesus prayed to His Father that our lives would no longer be defined by the world.

“They are no more defined by the world, than I am defined by the world. Make them Holy—consecrated—with the truth; Your Word is consecrating truth. In the same way that you gave me a mission in the world, I give them a mission in the world. I am consecrating myself for their sakes-So they will be truth consecrated in their mission.” John 17:17-19 The Message

I remember my life before-it definitely was defined by the world. As such, my life just kind of blended in with whatever worldly crowd or expression I was into at the moment. The pop culture defined me. In the early 70’s, right before I gave my life to Jesus-I was a street hippie. Not distinct, just one of that crowd-wandering around the country with no distinct definition or purpose.

Now, and for the last 42 years, whatever He (Jesus) has to say about me is what gives my life definition. Today, I will be defined by God’s opinion about me. I will not be defined by the old, self-disgusting voices in my head. I will be Holy (set apart-distinct) by His truth about me. I will be consecrated in and with that truth.

I will have and share in an awesome mission in the world today with my special Jesus definition. Truth, real and pure truth, is whatever He has to say about any and everything! Well, what is He saying about you and me today? Here are just a few: beloved, child and son or daughter of God, forgiven, not ashamed, redeemed, gifted, empowered…you add some more!

You have a high and holy mission in the world today. You are not brought down to the level of being defined by the world-no more than Jesus is defined by the world. You are defined by the opinion of Almighty Heavenly Father! Think on His definition of you today and be nurtured with those truths.

Set Apart by Truth: Ron Ross

Copyright by Ron Ross.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Rev. Ron Ross is a pastor, author, teacher, and counselor.
As founder of NET Casting Ministries, he equips the church
around the world to care for the wounded and addicted.
Ron is a cofounder of the NET Training Institute.

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