Are You Open to Questions?

question-marks1I’ve learned everyone doesn’t share my love of authentic questions.

I guess I understand, since questions are often thinly-disguised weapons.

“Why did you do it that way?” may be a sincere inquiry. Or it may be an attack…”That was a dumb way to do it!’

At some point you make a choice. You can live in fear and suspicion. You can imagine that every question conceals evil intent and that you’ll look foolish if you don’t immediately produce the right answer.

Or you can understand that questions are a great way to learn, and sometimes the questions matter more than the answers, and the best questions don’t have “right” answers.

Jesus asked lots of questions, not because He wanted answers but because He valued conversation.

It’s not about knowing. It’s about going and seeking.

Let be open this week to the questions we encounter.

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