Doing Your Best vs. Being the Best

A great group discussion got me thinking about two sides of today’s word-of-the-week…


I tossed out my idea that life doesn’t have to be a competition. In a group of men, I knew there’d be pushback.

“Without competition, what’s the incentive to improve? Competition is just the way we’re wired. Everyone wants to be the best.”

The conversation became pretty intense. I wasn’t trying to change anyone’s mind, I simply wanted to offer an alternative for consideration.

After a good deal of back-and-forth, one man got a bit frustrated.

“I’m here to do my best. If someone else can’t keep up, that’s their problem.”

“Okay,” I replied, “but please consider one possibility.”

Doing your best isn’t the same as being the best.

I’d argue that we do our best as servant leaders in a community. We’re wired for relationship and service.

By all means, do your best this week. Just don’t get consumed by a false need to be the best.

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