Putting too much emphasis on getting it right?

“Mistakes are a great opportunity to ask for help.”

An athlete said a coach once told him to stop regretting his mistakes. Instead, the coach advised him to find someone who could help him learn from every mistake.

We’ve all heard about learning from our failures, but this takes it a step farther.

First, it transforms darkness into light. We don’t fear the darkness of errors because we welcome the light and freedom of opportunity.

Second, we expand our circle as we seek those who know more. Each time we fail we ask, “Who knows about this?”

What’s really interesting is that the only true failure is not-asking, because then a small-stakes error gets repeated and multiplied until it happens in a high-stakes context.

Seems like this is a pretty good model for helping someone start following Jesus. Maybe we put too much emphasis on getting it right.

Maybe a better model would be to help people like me figure out what to do when we get it wrong.

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