Do You Feel Lost in the Fog?

A personal dilemma has me thinking about today’s word-of-the-week…


fogLots of ways to get lost in the fog.

Loneliness. Addiction. Depression. Grief. Fear. Pain.

Fog descends, clarity dissipates, confusion reigns. In the darkness of the fog, once-obvious choices become impossibly obscured. Decisions that ought to be simple become impossibly complex.

In the fog, our innate sense of direction disappears. We flail about for something solid to grab, and too often in our flailing we hit those closest to us. The hitting’s not intentional, but that doesn’t reduce the harm it causes. At some point “being lost in the fog” stops being an excuse, even if there’s nothing you can do about it.

The answer’s simple. When you’re lost, you need to know true north. And true north is Jesus.

But I’ve been in the fog enough to know the difference between simple and easy. I’m grateful for Jesus’ light in the darkness; I’m too frequently unable to overcome whatever it is that keeps me from following it.

If you’re lost in the fog today, know you’re not alone. I’m in here, too. So are a lot of other folks who may be afraid to admit it.

Jesus is here as well, and here’s the part that gives us hope.

He knows the way out.

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