Why Does God Need Me to Worship Him?

A fairly common question raises today’s word-of-the-week…


“Why is an all-powerful God so narcissistic that He demands our worship? Why does He need us singing and bowing down to Him?

I love questions, and this is a great one. Is God a narcissist? Does He “need” our worship?

I’ve written about this before. I’m certainly no theological scholar, but from my perspective as an ordinary guy who’s trying to follow Jesus–I don’t think God needs anything, and He certainly doesn’t need anything from me. Whatever I bring to God in the form of worship may please God, but it surely doesn’t add anything to Him. He’s just fine on His own.

God commands worship because He knows what it does for me. He knows I was created to be in right relationship with Him, which means understanding He’s creator and I’m not. So worship is God’s way of helping me understand my proper place in creation.

It’s not about God’s narcissism, but His generosity. He accepts, and is pleased by, whatever worship I bring.

I don’t “have” to worship because God needs it. I want to worship because I need it.

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