What about Dignity and Respect?

I’ve chosen a misused word as this year’s final word-of-the-week…


Toward the end of my career I operated my classroom with a single principle: Everyone (including the teacher!) always deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Some kids believed respect was earned, but I taught them respect means regard. It means I see you, I acknowledge you. You treat others with basic respect because you acknowledge their basic human dignity and worth.

You don’t have to like them, admire them, trust them, or follow them. Those are earned.

You certainly don’t have to agree with them.

But everyone, by virtue of being a child of God, deserves to be treated respectfully.

No name-calling. No bullying. No gossip.

Work as a team. Apply the golden rule.

How different would the new year look if everyone who follows Jesus resolved to treat everyone with dignity and respect?

Yeah, I’ll mess it up, too. But I’m willing to try.

How about you?

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