What does it mean? – “Follow Me.”

“Follow Me.”

It’s the invitation of eternity. I believe Jesus wants to end our striving, seeking, and searching. I believe He wants us to accept His invitation—that’s obvious.

Last time I argued that the path is about more than Avoiding The Mud. Following the path is active—it must be something more than removing the bad stuff.

Last weekend I got a hint as I watched some close friends at a party. I realized God surrounds us with Unlimited quantities of the things we need most.

Grace, love, hope, forgiveness—they’re everywhere, and they’re gifts. You can’t buy them or strategically seek them. But if you give them away, generously and with no strings attached, they wash back over you like waves from an endless ocean.

I wonder if the way to follow the path is to serve others by giving away these things God has given to you.

What if following the path is all about service, and following Jesus means giving away love, grace, forgiveness, hope, courage, mercy, light, justice, and the other gifts God planted in your heart?

What if choosing to give those gifts is really the way to follow the path and avoid the mud? What if you don’t have to focus on the mud at all?

Don’t mistake this model for “easy.” Simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Following this path involves hard work, discipline, and sacrifice.

However, here’s a hard truth—walking in the mud ain’t all that easy, either.

“Follow Me.”

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