A Sense of Responsibility – It Surprised Me!

Becky asked how I felt after speaking to a group of men at a county detention center.

I realized I felt a huge sense of responsibility. My response surprised me, but as I reflected it made more sense.

I spoke to guys desperate for a glimmer of hope, some basis to believe in dreams of life beyond bars and orange jump suits. Their eyes searched my face to see if my story of redemption really could be their story as well.

I told them “Hope is a confident expectation that God keeps His promises” and “Hope changes what’s possible.” I told them “Following Jesus is the way to find authentic hope.”

These weren’t theological niceties for these guys…this was life-and-death stuff. As we talked, I recalled the prayer Becky always says quietly before I speak. “Jesus, speak through Rich’s words.”

God uses messed-up people like me, and you, to change hearts. We’re loved so we can reflect that love into a world that desperately needs to see it. He asks us to be Jesus’ hands and feet.

It’s not about me. But telling people about hope isn’t something to mess with.

Following Jesus, taken seriously, is a big responsibility.

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