What Makes a Church?

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We spoke at a church yesterday—at least they said it was a church.

It used to be a house, before it was an office. The address? First building south of the gas station. We had to ask for directions.

No pews, no stage, no fancy sign. They outgrew the main room, so they ripped out a counter to make room for more chairs in the entry/adjoining room.

The pastor, who works a regular full-time job, jokingly said he didn’t mind all that, but he’d always sort of wanted a church building with a steeple. A couple of weeks ago a guy stopped by and said the building needed a steeple and offered to build one. He took that as a sign that God wanted him to keep going.

Still, it didn’t look much like a normal church.

Except that the 50 or 60 folks who showed up acted like it was a church. They seemed to think they were enough to make it church.

I forget sometimes. I forget that church isn’t the building, the programs, the staff, or any of the paraphernalia I associate with it. Church isn’t complicated.

Church is people gathered in Jesus’ name. If that happens in the first building south of the gas station, I suspect Jesus won’t need directions.

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