“Why Do You Write?”

A game of tag prompted today’s word-of-the-week…


Jon Swanson explained why he writes. Then he said, “Tag, you’re ‘it’” and asked me to consider the same question. So I took a couple of long bike rides, which is where I think about stuff, and wondered why I write.

I’d like to say I write to follow some noble calling, to teach or serve or help. I’d like to say that, but at about mile ten I understood that’s not why I write. Not really.

I write because I whisper in the fog and I know, deep inside, that no one but Jesus will whisper back. I write because it’s my way of bringing some measure of clarity to inner chaos.

RELENTLESS GRACE began as a journal, a meandering attempt to make sense of the senseless nightmare screaming within me following my injury. After literally years of shapeless, chaotic verbal vomiting, I noticed two remarkable changes. First, I felt a sense of peace and connection with Jesus when I wrote. Second, the words actually started to make sense and communicate a story.

I shared the story and people said it would help others who had experienced adversity. So I published a book and started this blog. In a roundabout way, that led to a dream called RICH’S RIDE—and more writing, another book, and another blog.

I hope all of this serves, teaches, and helps. I hope it inspires. I hope it brings people a bit closer to Jesus and encourages them to dream God-sized dreams and live remarkable stories.

I love it when you comment, when you take time to say the words touched you in some way. I appreciate “Likes” and especially “Shares” that show the ideas are worth spreading around.

But those are why I publish the writing. They’re why I share, why I speak, and those reasons mean a lot to me.

They’re not why I write.

I write because sometimes the fog clears a little and I hear Jesus’ voice saying, “Follow me. I’ve been here, and I know the way out.”

Writing, for me, is prayer. That’s why I write.

How about you? Have you considered writing? Should you write more>

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Relentless Grace: God’s Invitation To Give Hope Another Chance. Visit his web site www.relentlessgrace.com

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