When God gazes on Gaza, What does He see?

When God gazes on Gaza
What does He see,
Political divisions, Levitical pleas?
Impoverished citizens
Cowed by a wall,
A nation entombed,
Loves He them all?

Would genocide sanctified
Enter His plan,
By rocket’s red glare
Would He scorch all the land?
Might He prefer blood flow
To honey or milk,
Dance as the innocents
Fall in their filth?

The God who called Abraham,
Gave him two sons,
Watched while the two streams diverged
Each one
Powered by passion to destiny fill,
Would God will a bloodbath
Where He’d life instilled?

World is now watching
As battle unfolds,
Prophets in history
These clashes foretold,
But I ponder peace as I
Switch on T.V.
And note the short distance
From there to Dead Sea.

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