What Is Your Way, O LORD?

Psalm 27:11: “Teach me your way, O LORD; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors.”

I still ask God as the psalmist did to teach me his way. As I spend more time at home with God, I ask him because I don’t want good things. I prefer God’s best. What do you want?

Sometimes an oppressor can be the comparison game: “God, sister Susie has a gorgeous body. Why can’t I?” Other times, an oppressor can be carelessness in diet, a lack of exercise, or a lack of sleep. We forget our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. What are your oppressors?

Another oppressor is busyness or distraction. I often look at my schedule by the month and ask God what the straight path is for me. When I sincerely ask, he answers me. I’ve cut activities because of God’s answer. Have you taken your schedule to God for his input?

Recently I changed the steps I would take in planning a women’s conference because God showed me a better way. I felt relieved when I took his straight path. God filled me with his peace. What about you?

Dear God, please teach me your way. Amen.

Application: When will you let God lead you in a straight path?

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