What’s Your Image Of Jesus?

jesusWhat do you picture when you think about Jesus?

Seriously, what just popped into your head?

Me? I actually think about this quite a bit. I just picture walking along a quiet path together. Yeah, walking—no wheelchair. Just walking, and sometimes there’s talking but it’s okay if it’s quiet. It’s the being there together that matters.

There are smiles and laughter. And He wants to walk slowly and stop and look at stuff I don’t even notice.

I know this—I NEVER imagine talking theology, the kind of stuff Christians argue about and get divided about. I imagine questions, but they’re always really basic, stuff like, “What was it like for you when I fell off the roof?”

Mostly I imagine He likes hanging out with me. Of course He loves me—that’s part of the job description, right? But knowing, believing, He likes me, was a big step.

I suppose my internal picture will offend someone—not religious enough or reverent enough or whatever. Sorry for that. My point wasn’t so much to share my notion as to prompt you to consider your own.

That was part of the point, after all, the WORD made flesh so we could identify a bit better. So, back to the original question.

What do you picture when you think about Jesus?

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