This Is What A Gift Looks Like

gift in open handsThis weekend I watched a man receive a gift.

The gift had a good deal of sentimental, emotional value to the giver. He’d held it as a reminder of a special time and place. It was cared for and kept safe for a very long time.

The gift meant something quite different to the man who received it. It meant freedom, trust, a chance to begin a new chapter. It was something the man couldn’t have bought for himself.

These two men had never met until the morning this gift changed hands. The giver handed his prized item to a total stranger, no strings attached. He doesn’t know if it’ll be treated well or trashed.

That’s true generosity. No conditions. Risk. Sacrifice.

I felt like I witnessed a holy moment, something we see all too rarely in our conditional, what’s-in-it-for-me culture. A man gave, from his heart, something he valued to another man who needed it, and asked nothing in return.

I’m pretty sure I felt Jesus smile.

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