How Can You Miss Church?

puzzleWords matter.

We might dismiss them as “just semantics,” but often they’re not. We choose words that consciously or unconsciously express how and what we think.

Last time I told you What I Learned By Missing Church. As I considered the responses I realized that my own title revealed something odd about my internal thoughts.

Do you see it?

What does it mean to “miss church”? Apparently, I equate “church” with “sitting in an organized, weekly worship service.” I didn’t do that, so in my mind I “missed church.”

Of course, I know better. I’ll bet you do as well. We know church isn’t a building, or a special room, where God lives so we can visit Him once a week. We know—but knowing isn’t doing. If “going to church” reveals a heart that’s narrowed “being part of a community” to “weekly worship service attendance,” I need to do some soul searching.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t attend weekly worship, listen to teaching, etc. All of that’s an essential piece of what church is about.

But it’s only one piece of an infinite puzzle. This little episode reminds me to examine my words and what they reveal about my heart. I don’t want to go to church.

I’d rather do church.

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