What I Learned By Missing Church

timberlineOur big church meets in a big building.

I suppose there are goods and bads to that, but one thing about a big church is there’s a lot happening in the building during each service. This weekend I met with some people during parts of the services and had the opportunity to observe some of what others were doing.

A couple of guys watched the sermon on closed circuit TV. They dug through their bibles and scribbled notes furiously. Between services they engaged in an animated discussion. I really wanted to move closer and eavesdrop, but that seemed a bit inappropriate in church. They were in the same spot, comparing notes and pointing to their bibles, when the next service started.

Several folks sat in comfortable chairs with coffee and books. Maybe they waited for kids, perhaps they just liked the music or the environment. A number of groups gathered around tables, some to chat and some for more in-depth discussion.

A few people sat alone. You can usually see the difference between solitude and alone. I stopped and talked to a couple of these folks, and it was good to see others do the same. In a big church, the alone people can disappear in a crowd.

I kind of sensed that church was happening around the worship service. A lot of people hustle in, take their seats, do the service, and then head off to lunch or whatever. I’m guilty of that sometimes. But maybe we miss something.

There’s something to just hanging out, taking a little time, seeing what’s going on and who might want to talk. This weekend got me wondering how much we miss by always having an agenda. I wonder how many people think we don’t have time for them because, well, we don’t have time for them.

Maybe God doesn’t just live inside the worship service. It sure seemed like He was hanging out in other parts of the building, too.

Maybe church is more than the church service.

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