A Better Way To Say “I’m blessed”?

blessingI’ve decided to stop saying, “I’m blessed.”

I suppose I ought to explain, because I believe I’ve been blessed in many ways far beyond my ability to comprehend.

  • “I enjoyed great health in 2013. I’m blessed.”

I catch myself saying these sorts of things occasionally, and frankly I don’t think they’re true. I don’t think God’s blessings arrive in the form of temporary circumstances or material possessions that happen to align with my perception of “good.”

There’s an implication that I deserve something special. If I’m blessed with good health, what’s the message for those who aren’t? If I’m blessed by comfortable, stable finances, what do I say to millions of believers who work long hours but survive on a few dollars per day?

Blessing isn’t about my perspective. If I think it’s good, does that make it God’s blessing? By extension, any immediate situation I don’t like becomes—God’s curse? I don’t think so.

It’s about responsibility, not blessing. The gift of favorable circumstances isn’t a pat on my head, it’s a call to serve. The purpose of a gift is to share it.

An Alternative?

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How about “I’m thankful”?

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