Why you’re here

We attended a friend’s photography exhibition Friday evening.

Rebecca’s mostlyself-taught—started snapping photos, enjoyed the results, bought better equipment, discovered she has a special eye, and developed her craft. Then she had the guts to share her art with the world. You should check out some of her stuff.

Here’s the thing—building, developing, and sharing are hard. You don’t know how it’s going to turn out, whether people will like it.

It’s much easier to be a critic, to point out the flaws in someone else’s creation. Less work, less risk, less buy-in. Critics tear down and destroy.

Jesus was the artist, the Creator, that guy who made beautiful work where others saw piles of junk. And I think He wants us to be apprentices. He wants to share His secrets, form relationships, and invest in our work.

Art doesn’t have to be photography or painting or music. I worked with teachers, carpenters, and bricklayers who were all artists. I know business leaders who create and serve every day.

What is it that you’re good at, that you love, that serves others? Perhaps that’s what you were made to do. And perhaps whatever you were made to do is your art. And perhaps that’s part of why you’re here, because we need your art.

It’s Monday. What would happen this week if you had the courage to do a whole bunch of your art and share it with the world?

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