Is there anything we can do to keep our feet from slipping?

When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong,
Because the LORD is the one who holds his hand.
Psalm 37:24

I love this verse; it is so encouraging; it settles my heart into a deep peace with the Lord. When we fall we are not hurled headlong… but is there anything we can do to keep our feet from even slipping? Let’s study Psalm 37 for an answer.

Open you Bible to explore Psalm 37, a spiritual warfare psalm from start to finish. As you read, put it into spiritual context by seeing the “enemy,” the “wicked,” and “evildoers” as not people, but as forces of Darkness, Satan and his demons. See the “land” as territory in your heart. Recognize that the battle is for that territory in your heart.

“Don’t fret” is a repeated theme. “Fret” (or “worry” in the NLT) is charah in the Hebrew, and it means “to blaze up with anger or jealousy, to burn, to be incensed.” Remember our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph 6:12). In verses 1and 2 of Psalm 37 we are commanded not to waste our time and energy blazing up with anger, for their time is short (Rev 12:12).

So what do we do with our energy instead of being incensed? Go on to verses 3 through 6 for the answer… and I’ll let you continue prayerfully through Psalm 37 from there. Let me know what God shows you through this psalm – and if there is anything we can do to keep our feet from slipping.

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Celeste Li, M. D. is the author of
Triumph Over Suffering: A Spiritual Guide To Conquering Adversity
She is active member of Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.
Celeste teaches a course in Triumph Over Suffering and serves in Christ Fellowship’s Ministry for the Suffering.

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