Fear: Maybe It’s Pretty Simple

Yesterday the guys in my workshop talked about fear.

We looked at a hierarchy of spiritual needs and I asked them to list fears that came to mind if those needs weren’t met. The idea was to help each guy identify where he was in the hierarchy.

The exercise proceeded pretty much as I expected, but driving home as I processed their responses I realized something significant.

Nobody expressed a fear of not following God’s plan.

These guys have lost just about everything. Most of them have no idea where they’ll end up or what they’ll do when they complete their program. If anyone ought to be fearful of outcomes, it’s them.

But they’re not. They’re much more concerned with process, with learning how to follow and know Jesus, than with destination and results.

The more I consider it, the more I’m convinced that God has a plan for each of these guys—and for me and you. And I’m not sure that plan has a lot to do with specific activities, paths, or destinations.

I have a sense that if you’re doing what you love, what you’re good at, what serves others, and if you’re doing it with Jesus, you’re probably making God smile.

I think God cares more about HOW we do than WHAT we do.

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