How Big Is Grace?


Do you think you “get” grace?

I’ve been hanging out in a workshop with some guys who are trying to find their way out of addiction. Today one of them said he felt really blessed and wanted to know what God wanted in return.

Grace is a hard concept, isn’t it? We receive a priceless gift for which we’re required to pay nothing. We’re saved and forgiven simply by faith.

The guy who asked the question—he’s heard the words plenty of times. He’s been told over and over that nothing he can do can make God love him any more or any less.

He knows it’s true. He just doesn’t KNOW it. Does that make sense?

I’ll bet it does, because if we’re honest we all get there at some point. No matter how many times we say the words, we all get caught in the trap of feeling like we need to do a little more to pay God back. Or we get a little comfortable and believe we’ve earned a bit of extra favor.

My guess? Grace is really bigger than we can imagine. It’s probably good, at least for me, to always retain a sense of awe around it and to have people remind me that it makes no sense. If we turn it into a nice, simple theological idea we risk making it small.

It isn’t.

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