Obsticals in Our Path: Is Anything Too Hard for the LORD?

Genesis 18:14: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

The blue sky, the bright sun, and the graceful palm trees in Florida invited me to feast on God’s creation.

I struggled to believe the weather forecast of snow and ice on the East coast. I boarded the plane and arrived in Atlanta on time.

When I reached the gate for my flight to VA, the agent said, “The flight was canceled because of snow and sleet in VA.”

I shrugged and reached for my new boarding pass on a flight four hours later. I called the neighbor who would pick me up at the airport. She expected my call and said snow covered the grass and it continued to snow.

A remembrance of Genesis 18:14 gave me hope God would get me home that day. I wouldn’t spend the night in the airport.

However, every time I looked at the billboard, more flights were delayed or canceled.

A flight was scheduled to leave at 1:42 pm. I could go standby, but it was delayed. I checked on the status of my rescheduled flight. It too was delayed.

How could I be certain I would arrive home that evening? God’s gentle whisper assured me I would.

After a day in the Atlanta airport, I flew home standby and shared my cancer story with a woman who sat next to me. She starts radiation treatment next week.

My luggage arrived half an hour later on a different flight, and my neighbor greeted me with homemade soup and banana pudding for dinner.

Dear God, help me remember nothing is too hard for you. Amen.

Application: What trial or obstacle will you trust God to handle this week?

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