Which Fear Is Worse?

Can you imagine doing work that placed your life in danger every day?

Last evening our small group learned about the work of two missionaries who rescue kids from human traffickers. They offer medical care, love, and prayer to women in one of the darkest places on Earth.

Their message of peace and freedom isn’t welcome in this violent place. Those who profit from the horrors that occur in the dingy brothels don’t hesitate to enforce their control by any means necessary. But these folks have forged lasting relationships and made it clear they’re here to stay.

I can’t reveal their names or tell you any details about their work, because to do so would increase the likelihood of local government interference with their work.

Yesterday I wrote about Fearless. It’s tempting to compare, to feel shame, to feel one fear’s more valid than another because one danger’s greater or more real. I think that’s a mistake.

I’m not sure there’s a scoreboard for fear. There’s not much point to ranking danger, as if this one’s a “10” while that’s only a “2.” It’s not quite so simple.

I believe following Jesus requires courage, confronting fear and moving forward to do what’s right. I don’t think that’s easy, and I don’t think I can do it by myself.

That’s why Jesus said, “Take courage. I AM. Don’t be afraid.”

I also believe it’s not my job to compete with someone else’s level of fearless. We all need to follow Jesus where we are.

And those missionaries? I’m praying for them. I hope you will as well.

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