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not knowOur church spent the weekend doing a number of activities designed to create awareness about the issue of human trafficking. A few thousand people left with a lot of information. Someone asked whether all that knowledge makes any difference.

I suppose you could argue that the information doesn’t do much good unless someone does something with it, but I look at it differently.

Awareness alone may not change anything, but without awareness nothing will change.

One day last week some radio sports talk guys were joking about the “partying” that accompanies Super Bowl trips. The guy humor included not-so-subtle references to “gentlemen’s clubs” and “professional women,” code for strip joints and prostitutes.

I’m sure they don’t know about the huge spike in trafficked girls fueled by the demand around the Super Bowl. They’re dads. They have daughters. I’ll bet they’d be appalled. But they can’t act on what they don’t know.

I sent them a respectful email with some information and links. I don’t know if they read every message, but if enough listeners send enough information, at least they’ll be aware.

It’s a start.

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