Who Lights Up Your Life?

Who are the people who brighten your days?

I’m blessed to know a number of impressive, intelligent, influential folks. I know people who demonstrate wisdom, insight, leadership, discernment, tenacity, compassion, service, and sacrifice. I learn a great deal from their teaching and leading. I certainly couldn’t do what I do without their generosity and support.

But as I reflect on 2013 I’m aware of a much smaller circle of individuals whose mere mental image brightens my day. When I think about them I almost can’t help smiling.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” He invited us to follow Him, to be like a city on a hill, to let our light shine in the darkness. That’s what the folks I’m describing do for me.

I wonder:

Am I that kind of person?

Some of the people in that circle are family, some aren’t. Some are close friends, some aren’t. So what distinguishes them? What characteristics can I strive to emulate if I want to be the kind of person that brightens lives?

They have a clear sense of purpose that permeates every part of their life. Most of their choices and actions, in every area of life, seem intentionally directed toward their central life purpose.

They’re remarkably generous. They’re especially eager to share time and connections.

They have a keen desire for justice. They perceive justice as setting things right rather than getting even or blindly following rules.

They have an enormous capacity for demonstrating grace.

They’re serious about their work, not so serious about themselves.

They’re extremely good, active listeners. They display genuine interest in others’ stories.

They offer a glimpse of the way Jesus loved and accepted people–unconditionally.

I want to be that sort of person. It’s not really a goal or resolution, because you can’t draw a line and say Okay, now I’ve arrived.

But I can be more aware. I can train to do better.

Who brightens your life?

What would you add to my list?

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