Thoughts about Reflecting on the Past Year

New Year’s resolutions get all the attention, but I find it useful to look back. Year-end is an opportunity to reflect on where I’ve been. It’s a great way to get a sense of where I’m headed.
But the past contains some traps.

So last week I made a list for myself, sort of a set of cautions and reminders. I’ll share them and invite you to add your own guidance in the comments.

Reflect with a sense of gratitude.

Reflect without regret or self-criticism. View mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Reflect without demanding answers. God doesn’t work on a yearly calendar, so some stuff may still be in-progress It’s okay to not-know.

Reflect with hope, knowing Romans 8:28 is still one of God’s central promises.

Reflect with a sense of awe and wonder. You and the story you’re writing are part of God’s plan for the universe!

Reflect with humility. It’s not all about you.

Reflect with love.

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