What If I Don’t “Feel” Thankful?

“I have a hard time with gratitude.”

Do you ever hear that? Seems like a common lament, especially around Thanksgiving. It’s like people think they should feel more grateful, and they don’t, so they feel guilty about not feeling grateful. So now there’s the guilt as well as the lack of gratitude.

We’re really good at making a difficult problem even worse.

Authentic gratitude isn’t about feelings. Gratitude is a question of identity. It’s one of those “people like us make these choices” issues.

We choose to love when we don’t feel like loving.

We choose to forgive when we don’t feel like forgiving.

We don’t make those choices because we have to. We make them because they’re the choices that affirm our identity. These often difficult choices let us live the way we were designed. They let God be God and allow us to live in deep relationship with Him.

So today—and every day—we choose to say “thank you” regardless of our feelings. We acknowledge that it’s all a gift from the true owner. Maybe for you that’s the easiest thing in the world. Maybe it’s not.

Either way, it’s okay.

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