Are You Experiencing McFaith?


Okay, it’s an odd word, but I’ll bet you get the meaning.

Just like fast food, America’s sort of obsessed with a quickie version of faith that my late friend Al Helder called McFaith. You don’t need to think, just pick a number and get on with your day.

It’s easy, and a lot less messy, to let somebody else pre-package our religion for us. Just accept the platitudes and pat answers, don’t ask tough questions, and avoid anything or anyone that doesn’t fit the preconceived model.

Trouble is, it’s empty calories.

Just like fast food, McFaith let’s you feel full but doesn’t really meet your spiritual needs. There’s no real nourishment. When something comes along to challenge your neat little worldview, their’s no substance or foundation on which to fall back.

It’s Monday. Might be a great time to make sure we’re not grabbing a quick bite of McFaith as we begin the week.

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