How Will Others Remember You?

We’ve seen that truth play out again and again as public figures compete for the spotlight. In some arenas, apparently it doesn’t matter how you’re seen, as long as you’re seen.

Do you ever get a little frustrated when people do the same selfish, hurtful things time after time, and seem to be rewarded with increasing levels of power, fame, and fortune? It’s hard not to wonder why we seem to provide bonuses for scandal, conflict, and bullying.

I’m not going to change society’s fascination with self destruction. I can’t stop our justification of bullying behavior by politicians with whom we agree. Sadly, we’ll continue to excuse abhorrent conduct by athletes who help the home team win.

My question is, “How will you and I be remembered by the people we encounter?”

I think most of us marginalize ourselves and underestimate our influence on others. We believe the rich and famous are the ones with the power to impact lives.

It’s a lie.

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)

People see our light. You and I have the power—every day—to love, encourage, and empower those around us. It’s a long-term deal, a lifetime legacy rather than a one-shot blast.

But don’t ever believe others don’t notice, because we also have the power to ignore, to tear down, to spotlight failures and mistakes.

Either way, people see our light, and they’ll remember.

We get to choose how they’ll remember.

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